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Remote Assistance

Did you know that if you use windows, you can get help from another person over the internet?  The newer versions of windows Vista and windows 7 have a very simple method of allowing you to get help from a trusted friend called remote assistance.  It enables you to invite your friend to view what is on your screen and also if it is helpful, you allow them to take over your cursor and take you through something whilst you watch.

It can be very helpful, and if you have sound enabled you can even speak to them, if not a simultaneous phone call can help.

At any time you can take back control by clicking on the appropriate button.  It’s an excellent way to get help whilst both people are not in the same location.

I recently helped one of our members using this tool and it was a very quick way of solving things.

Bear it in mind if you ever have a question that you need answering, but find it difficult to explain… you can call a friend up, show them the problem and they can show you how to solve it…

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