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PDI Sizing (Written in 2012)

(by fpcc-web-editor: This data is in need of revision following SCPF adoption of 1600×1200. The 1024×768 is no longer relevant.)

UPDATE – Since we have now purchased a new projector, the tips below are still relevant but we now can accept images at 1400 x 1050 pixels.

Bear in mind the rules require two sizes to be submitted; 1400 x 1050 and 1024 x 768.

Hello everyone, its round one of the new season and we are still having a few problems with sizing PDIs.  There are one or two that are oversize and I think I can see why…

When resizing try to think of a rectangular “window”; the idea is to get your PDI to fit inside the window frame so that one of its edges is as big as it can be but still fit within the frame.



Some examples of the errors being made are horizontal (landscape) images that have a horizontal size that is correct, but the vertical is too big.  e.g. 1024 x 785.  Whilst the long edge would fit, the short edge is too long to fit within the frame.

When resizing make sure the edges do not exceed the frame size above.  In the  Photoshop or Elements sizing dialog box, if the image is horizontal, put 1024 into the horizontal measurement box.  if the vertical is less than 768 you will be fine.  If the vertical exceeds 768, set the vertical size to 768.

This will reduce the horizontal edge size, but the image will fit within the frame.

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