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2020 to 2021 PDI League Round 1 Results

Data Under Review

(By fpcc-web-editor) The data below is the accumulated collection of many years of contributions. As may be seen, although the subject is interesting and often topical, it is none the less dated, and as a consequence could be misleading. The intention is to edit and then sift the data (in slow time) into the primary menu pages of the site with links refreshed. The ‘Categories’ (Internal / External Competition etc.) originally assigned to each item remain but for the time being are not directly accessible via this ‘Widget Menu’.

Print & DPI of the Year Entry Guidance

(By fpcc-web-editor: This topic/category is under review).

We have recently had some enquiries about eligibility criteria for the Print & DPI ‘Of The Year’ competitions.

The images invited for selection comply with the following extract of the competition rules (as at 2013; the latest version).


16. All entries for this competition will either have been placed first second or third in previous league competitions and/or have scored 9.5 or 10 for prints or 19 or 20 for PDIs.  The Competition Secretary will notify members who are eligible and name their entries according to the records.
17. An independent judge will be appointed. He/she will simply identify an outright winner and name a second and third place.
18. Trophies will be awarded to the winners of the Print and PDI of the Year competitions at the end of the season with certificates for 1st , 2nd and 3rd places.


The reason for the enquiry this season was due to the addition of Highly Commended awards, available at Judges discretion.

There is nothing in the rules to say a highly commended image that scores less than 9.5 should be invited to the Print & DPI Of the Year competition.

If you think that needs to change, you need to ensure it is raised at the next available AGM 

Photowalks and Photography Days

Not everyone at FPCC will be aware but a small group of members arrange and go on group photo trips throughout the summer months.

When the club stops we go out locally on Tuesday evenings and additionally we pick three or four days in advance and book a longer distance day trip.

We use these opportunities to take photographs and learn from each other to improve our photography and make ourselves time to go and pursue some images with photography being the main agenda of the day  (plus food, fresh air and good company).

In order to organise ourselves better, we have formed a Google+ group where we “meet” and chat on-line and plan what we are doing.

If you are interested in joining us, please visit  Here

and request to join the group. Hope to see some of you there and out on a trip...

( by fpcc_web_editor: Sadly Google+ is no longer available. The link will need revision)

Don’t panic; all is not lost!

As we go into the new season, I thought I would share a little tale that may provide hope should you ever make (or admit to making) the mistake of formatting your memory card and wiping your images.

As some of you will no doubt already know, when files are deleted, they are not actually removed from the media.  The file remains on the media but is “flagged” as deleted so that the space taken up by the file is able to be used by a future file being saved to that location.

Similarly, when you format your media, the information is all still there, it is just that the table that holds the records of what space is available and where is marked to show that all the space on the media can be re-written to.

This means that there is good news should you make the mistake mentioned above (we all do it at least once).  As long as you do not carry on using the media the images are retrievable.  There is software out there in cyberspace that is designed just for this eventuality.

This meant that when I was approached by a member (who shall remain nameless) who had made this error, I was able to retrieve nearly all the images that they thought were lost forever.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, remove the card before it can be overwritten, and either search out a retrieval program, they are not usually free though, or find a member who has this software, and there will be a high chance that your images can be retrieved.

Are Those Picture Files I See?

Do you often get fed up with looking through your windows picture folders in windows 7, and seeing endless sets of RAW icons, with unfathomable camera created names and having very little clue as to which image is which? Fret no longer.  Microsoft have come to the rescue.  They have developed a Codec Pack that enables Windows Explorer to “see” and show the images contained within these files. It can be downloaded from here.  You have a choice as to whether you download the 64bit or 32bit version, make sure you choose the correct version.  Click on install and hey presto, your images magically appear…

Batch Resizing For AVS (Written in 2012)

(by fpcc-web-editor: Following the adoption by the SCPF of 1600×1200 and the Club acquisition of the Canon SX80, the Club size is 1400×1050. This data is in need of revision).

The other week we were discussing resizing PDIs to 1024 x 768 for AV presentations on our projector & I mentioned a batch resizer by FastStone. I have put together the following step by step tutorial for using this program. It might be wise to try this with a group of copied photos to avoid any disasters. Step 8 is particularly important to avoid overwriting files.

Batch Resizing for AVs

Resizing in PhotoShop

In additition to the recent video on resizing images for FPCC comptetions in lightroom, I have now added another for similar tasks in Photoshop…

Resizing in Photoshop

How to resize images in Lightroom

I have just uploaded a quick video on how to resize images in Lightroom for FPCC competitions.

Let me know if it works OK, if it does, I’ll begin adding more…

Remote Assistance

Did you know that if you use windows, you can get help from another person over the internet?  The newer versions of windows Vista and windows 7 have a very simple method of allowing you to get help from a trusted friend called remote assistance.  It enables you to invite your friend to view what is on your screen and also if it is helpful, you allow them to take over your cursor and take you through something whilst you watch.

It can be very helpful, and if you have sound enabled you can even speak to them, if not a simultaneous phone call can help.

At any time you can take back control by clicking on the appropriate button.  It’s an excellent way to get help whilst both people are not in the same location.

I recently helped one of our members using this tool and it was a very quick way of solving things.

Bear it in mind if you ever have a question that you need answering, but find it difficult to explain… you can call a friend up, show them the problem and they can show you how to solve it…

Rent Photoshop on a Monthly Basis…

I came across this today, might be interesting if you need to use photoshop but cannot afford the initial outlayed required to buy it.  You can subscribe on a month by month basis, or commit to a years worth of monthly subscriptions which works out cheaper…

CS Subscription Editions

Affordable plans, amazing tools

Subscription editions of Adobe® Creative Suite® software are just like regular Creative Suite products — they are installed on your computer and provide all the same features and functionality. Choose a one-year plan for lower payments or a flexible month-to-month plan you can stop and restart as needed. Either way, you’ll have ongoing access to the latest version of your software at no extra charge as long as your subscription remains active. Read the FAQ ›

via CS Subscription Editions.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

(By fpcc-web-editor: This item was posted in 2011)

At last Tuesday’s meeting there was a bit of discussion about Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.  You may be interested to know it is available now….

See Here