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Don’t panic; all is not lost!

As we go into the new season, I thought I would share a little tale that may provide hope should you ever make (or admit to making) the mistake of formatting your memory card and wiping your images.

As some of you will no doubt already know, when files are deleted, they are not actually removed from the media.  The file remains on the media but is “flagged” as deleted so that the space taken up by the file is able to be used by a future file being saved to that location.

Similarly, when you format your media, the information is all still there, it is just that the table that holds the records of what space is available and where is marked to show that all the space on the media can be re-written to.

This means that there is good news should you make the mistake mentioned above (we all do it at least once).  As long as you do not carry on using the media the images are retrievable.  There is software out there in cyberspace that is designed just for this eventuality.

This meant that when I was approached by a member (who shall remain nameless) who had made this error, I was able to retrieve nearly all the images that they thought were lost forever.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, remove the card before it can be overwritten, and either search out a retrieval program, they are not usually free though, or find a member who has this software, and there will be a high chance that your images can be retrieved.